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Summer Staycation: Northwest Paddleboarding offers stand up paddle boarding classes

Jun 13, 2023

KENNEWICK, Wash. – Washington waterways are all different and require different skills, preparation and safety equipment. Northwest Paddleboarding offers an introductory class that helps with making sure you’re prepared to go out on your own.

According to a report by Statista, the number of people paddle boarding in 2015 was just over three million. That number rose to close to four million in 2020. With the weather being in the triple digits more often, people might be thinking about heading to the water for some fun in the sun.

Krista Patterson the owner of Northwest Paddleboarding says her introductory class is just about teaching people how to get on their boards and be safe while on the water.

“I like to throw in a few other things like partner rescue, teaching what direction the current goes and how you should only paddle upstream,” says Patterson.

The class was held at Two Rivers Park in Finley. People from all over the community received first-hand experience with what it’s like to be on the water and do so safely.

Patterson says the introduction to stand-up paddle boarding is filling up fast and she’s only got four classes left.

“I’ve got classes next weekend on July 22 and then on August 5 and again on August 13,” she says.

Brent Preuss, a student of the class said he’s never paddle boarded before. However, he says his wife has. The reason he took the class, is he and his wife want to do some exploring.

“To be able to go down the Columbia, kind of paddle board around,” said Preuss. “We’ve never really lived around a river like this. So it’s actually interesting to do that.”

Patterson said the most important thing that first-time paddle boarders might not know is to carry a whistle.

“A whistle is legally required to have on board,” said Patterson.

Patterson has owned this company for several years, and she says she’s here to teach people about the water and make sure they’re prepared.

According to Patterson, if you’re going to be out paddle boarding, take plenty of water, sunscreen and remember to wear your life jacket.

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