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Best All Around Standup Paddleboards 2023

May 20, 2023

After personally paddling, weighing, and thoroughly testing 200+ boards, our expert staff has selected the best all around stand up paddle board 2023 models. These are designated by the "A" grade and organized by categories (inflatable, all-around, touring, etc). In its 7th year the Supconnect team spent countless hours individually assessing each one of the SUP boards below, counting a total of 23 metrics per board and consistently applying them across all products. The end result: simply the most comprehensive, consumer-friendly, value-added review platform in the stand up paddle world. Click through each one of the reviews and find a consistent, in-depth assessment of each product listed.

An all around SUP is meant to be used and should perform well in a variety of conditions, thus its category name. All around boards can be used for multiple purposes but are primarily intended for recreation. Whether it be paddling close to shore or around the dock all around boards are best for short-distance paddling and are ideal for families and beginner paddlers.

All around SUPs are primarily shaped with a round nose and tail and are near 30 inches in width at its center point. However, there are all around paddle boards that cross over into the other disciplines of stand up paddling so it’s important to determine your primary and secondary use for the board. If you want to use your paddle board around the beach and dock for some casual cruising but might want to add in some SUP yoga, you’re going to want to find a board that has a shape that caters well to both, which in this case would be a board with a generous width (32+ inches) in the center of the board and also a wider nose and tail. Or, if you want your board to be able to catch a few waves in addition to cruising around you might want to get a narrower board (less than 30 inches at the board's mid-point) with more pulled in nose and tail for better maneuvering. Whatever your primary and secondary use for your all-around board may be, make sure you choose one that caters to both if not more uses.

All around sup boards come in various constructions. First, decide whether you should have an inflatable or non-inflatable board. Inflatable boards are easy to store and very lightweight, making them perfect if you don’t want the board to take too much space. Most inflatables come with a backpack to hold them and can be thrown in car trunks and checked in at airports without any oversize fee. Inflatables, though, normally have less glide and less overall performance when compared to non-inflatable boards. Moreover, non-inflatables often times score higher on durability. Non-inflatable boards with carbon or bamboo tend to be lightweight and durable while plastic constructions tend to be durable but incredibly heavy. Fiberglass/epoxy builds fall in between these two and are the most common non-inflatable constructions.

If a very stable, all around inflatable that can also be used for SUP fishing is something you’re looking for, the Blackfin Model X is a must-see. The Model X is a really affordable option and great for both beginners and experienced paddlers alike. This board comes a la carte, meaning it only comes with the board, fins and repair kit. So, if you have all the other necessities like a paddle, pump and leash, this might be a good option when all you’re looking for is the board itself. However, if you need a complete package, those other items are all add ons. The starting price for the Model X is at $749.99 which puts it in the mid-tier market in terms of affordability.

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The new 2023 Performer from Body Glove has a fresh look once again but the differences aesthetically from last year to this year are pretty subtle. The biggest difference is in the deckpad, paddle and bag. The rail of the board also uses a lighter, brighter blue. Design-wise, there’s a big update in the fin system. Before, the board had 3 built-in fins. This year though, the board has one removable center fin which is a great update and allows the board to pack down smaller and lightens up the overall weight. Another difference from last year is what’s included in the package is slightly different. The 2023 package includes their new Connect System which allows you to connect multiple boards together which is quite cool. Not included this year is the manual pump, only the electric one. This also makes the overall package a smaller one which is nice. Once again, the branding and package as a whole was next level. Another small but powerful detail is the way the board is packaged. The board uses paper instead of plastic for the packaging and has small ties for smaller items. They also plant a tree for every board sold. Love that!!

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Once again, Surftech wows with a beautiful board design. The 2023 Chameleon is offered in two different colorways and sizes. The smaller size, the 10’4, has a beautiful soft pink sort of watercolor graphics that are really unique. Most boards use solid colors so this is a really nice, fresh design. Similarly, the larger size that’s available, the 11’4, uses the same watercolor graphics but this size has more of a seafoam green. Again, really nice design. The deckpad is very simple in color and plays nicely off the rail color on the board. Speaking of the deckpad, it is made up of Surftech’s Bloom Foam tech which is made up of eco-friendly materials adding another nice touch. The Chameleon doesn’t come with a ton of bells and whistles and takes more of the simplistic approach with a bungee and accessory insert on the nose, the quality of materials and thoughtfulness in the design speak volumes. The weight of the board was nice and light for both sizes which not only made it easy to carry and handle out of the water, but on the water it was really easy to maneuver and turn. The board did feel quite stable, but beginner paddlers might be more comfortable on something with a touch more width and thickness to it. That being said, intermediate and advanced paddlers will love this board. The glide is smooth and the displacement nose design really helps it cut through the water and handle chop. And while the board has more of a touring shape/design it can definitely be used in small waves if you’re up for it. Overall, the Surftech Chameleon is an excellent, quality board that is very deserving of our A-grade.

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Graphically, the Switch features a very simple colorway and isn’t very flashy. Where the flash comes in is with all the features and add on’s that are included in the package. First, the board has a bungee on both the nose and tail of the board. It also has straps on the nose and tail in addition to its center handle which makes the board easy to carry if you have a second person assisting you to the water. Then, you have a paddle holder on the rail of the board which is a really nice feature, especially if you’re using it for SUP Yoga, fishing or kayaking when you want to set aside the paddle for a little bit. Another interesting feature is the use of the ‘ISLE Link’ system. Essentially, this system replaces what many other boards use: D rings, for attachment points. Instead, the ISLE Link system is a series of attached fabric loop holes on both sides of the deck near the rails that you can use as anchor systems to attach accessories to your SUP. This allows you to really customize the placement and gives you a lot more control. Nice touch for sure. By just looking at it you can see that the Switch is a really stable board. Putting the board on the water confirmed that assumption and it was very easy to hop on and go for both the SUP use and the kayak use. The board was also really lightweight and easy to carry but it didn’t seem to compromise at all in terms of durability. For everything you get with the package and the package as a whole and at its pricepoint of less than $1,000 the Switch definitely deserves an ‘A’. They did a very good job with this board.

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First impressions on the 2023 model of the Lido were that it had a very neutral, classic look. The colors and graphics are very simple and clean. The bells and whistles also stay pretty minimal here with a bungee and accessory attachment on the nose and an extra handle on the tail which is nice to have. Another thing to point out here is that the deckpad spans the entire deck of the board which is nice, especially when wanting to add cargo, or bring smaller passengers on the nose. The pad there makes it much less slippery. This also is helpful if you’re in the mood for some SUP yoga or fitness. And one more point to the deckpad here, it features Surftech’s Bloom Foam which is a bio-friendly foam material which is a thoughtful touch, especially for those who appreciate an eco-friendly product. The Lido was originally designed for the rental market which is a testament to its durability but has in the last few years become available for all consumers and the composite construction keeps weight relatively low compared to all plastics boards. And despite its tough-as-nails construction, the board really isn’t that heavy. It comes in at an average weight and is pretty manageable to carry. On the water, the board felt really stable and had an average glide to it, which is to be expected for an all around board. Not too fast, not too slow. Overall, the Lido is an excellent choice for those looking for an all around board that can handle a ton of use and can handle a lot of wear and tear. As a rental fleet board it checks all the boxes and for that we give it an A-grade. The 2023 design for the Lido is exclusively available at REI.

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